Jesse Faden From Control Nude Photo Gallery-Rule 34-Courtney Hope

Jesse Faden From Control Nude Photo Gallery-Rule 34-Courtney Hope

Who is Jesse Faden From Remedy Entertainment’s Game Control?

Jesse Faden is the protagonist and player character of Remedy Entertainment’s third-person action-adventure game Control. Created as a supernatural agent named the Director of the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), Jesse possesses unique abilities and must use them to navigate a twisted and corrupted New York City, known as the Oldest House.


Not much is known about Jesse’s background before the game begins. It is implied that she has been involved in the FBC for a significant amount of time and has gained significant knowledge and experience in paranormal phenomena. However, her arrival at the Oldest House sets in motion a series of events that will challenge her loyalties and reveal the true nature of her powers.


One of the defining features of Jesse’s character is her paranormal abilities. As the Director of the FBC, she is bestowed with extraordinary abilities that allow her to manipulate the supernatural elements within the Oldest House. These abilities include:

1. Psychic Powers: Jesse has the ability to perceive and manipulate reality through her psychic powers. This allows her to create and manipulate objects, sense the presence of otherdimensional entities, and even possess certain objects.

2. Shapeshifting: Jesse has the ability to shapeshift into various forms, including massive creatures known as Hiss. These transformations give her increased strength, durability, and a unique combat style.

3. Telekinesis: Jesse possesses telekinetic abilities, allowing her to levitate objects, throw objects with force, and manipulate the environment around her.


Jesse is a complex and enigmatic character. Initially, she appears cold and distant, driven by her duty as the Director of the FBC. However, as the story progresses, her true motivations and emotions begin to emerge. Jesse is haunted by her past and the loss of those close to her. She is determined to uncover the secrets of the Oldest House and put an end to the corruption that has consumed it.


Throughout Control, Jesse forms alliances and encounters various characters. Here are some of the important relationships she forms:

1. Ordinary World

In the ordinary world, Jesse has a connection to her brother, Dylan Faden. Their relationship is not explored in depth, but it is implied that they have a close bond. Dylan’s disappearance and absence play a role in Jesse’s decision to join the FBC and uncover the truth behind her brother’s disappearance.

2. Federal Bureau of Control

The FBC is a mysterious organization that operates within the Oldest House. Jesse is appointed as the Director of the FBC, a role that requires her to lead a team of agents and confront the corruption that threatens to consume the Bureau. She develops a strained relationship with the Bureau’s acting director, Dr. Casper Darling, who is playing a role in the corruption.

3. Altered World

In the altered world of the Oldest House, Jesse encounters various supernatural entities and allies. Among these are:

– Alyson Ronan: A rebellious teenager who possesses supernatural powers similar to Jesse’s. She becomes Jesse’s ally and helps her navigate the Oldest House.

– Barry Lynch: A former FBC agent turned rogue. He aids Jesse in uncovering the secrets behind the corruption and fights alongside her.


Jesse Faden is the protagonist of Control, developed by Remedy Entertainment. A mysterious and powerful woman, she is the Director of the Federal Bureau of Control and possesses unique paranormal abilities. Jesse’s journey to uncover the secrets of the Oldest House and confront the corruption within it forms the backbone of the game’s narrative.

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