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Jaye Rose, Redhead Porn Star

Nude Model with Big Ass

Jaye Rose is a redhead porn star, and nude¬† adult video model, known for having a big ass. She was born in Wales, UK on August 27, 1990. She has red hair (often dyed) and a 42DD cup size, putting her in the big tit porn star category. One of her most famous movies to date is “Who Face Fucked Jessica Rabbit?”

Also known as Amy Karups, this busty, hot redhead slut is a voluptuous lady whose name will remain in your head for years, to come . This UK adult actor, escort, and blogger began her career in April 2011, while she was working her way through college. The sensation of being nude with all eyes on her made her realise that she could be comfortable taking it one step further by having fucked on movie. From there stardom rapidly fell to her and she accumulated a huge amount of appreciative fans who like her sass and massive butt. She is especially known for having a bra size of 36DD.

When you see her beautiful pale complexion contrasted against her flowing  red locks, you will instantly recognize the adult film star, who was once known as Jessica Davis

Also formerly known as Jessica Dawson, Jaye Rose is a true redhead porn star, one concept you can confirm from her milky white skin; her pussy has been shaved clean so no information rests in the pussy lips. Her big titties, and big ass are the source of stimulation for any person with the boner and her commitment to beauty and hot outfits is true to offer some orgasms. In some of her previous films, she also went by the name of Rose Jaye and Jaye ATK.

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