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Jaye Rose, adult nude model with big ass and red hair

Jaye Rose is an adult video model. She was born in Wales, UK on August 27, 1990. She has red hair (often dyed) and a 42DD cup size, putting her in the big tit porn star category.

The busty red headed slut who becomes stuck lingering in the brains of all her lovers is Jaye Rose. This UK adult actor, escort, and blogger has been working heads since she first began as The nude modeling to help her get additional money during her university years. The sensation of being nude with all eyes on her made her realise that she could be comfortable taking it one step further by having fucked on movie. From there stardom rapidly fell to her and she accumulated a huge amount of appreciative fans who like her sass and massive butt. This busty sex addict features the brazier size of 36DD, and she willingly obliges her suitors the opportunity to titty love her luscious large boobs whenever requested.


When you see the creamy light skin contrasted against the thick red hair, you might realize the Welsh slut bunny Jaye Rose.

Jaye Rose is a true redhead, one concept you can confirm from her milky white skin; her pussy has been shaved clean so no information rests in the pussy lips. Her large physical breasts are the source of stimulation for any person with the boner and her commitment to beauty and hot outfits is true to offer some orgasms. The substance , e.g., hers is pure sex, every move calculated to encourage an erection in the shorts. She does it so easily and she accomplishes her goals with ease, then look upon her with feeling. She’s had the feeling that cries ‘ feed me with the dick ’ in her blackened eyes, her whorish lips, and her eagerly blooming vajayjay. Yet, if there’s any part of her amazing fuck-filled number that calls out to the baseball bag, it’s gotta take her all-natural boobs. Jaye’s had a couple of flesh-boulders that weigh in in large D, and they appear to value, rather than come across her white body. Those milky tits are such a starring figure, they often take in light specialists but to catch them at the clean sheen for the cameras. Growing up at Cardiff, the city known for castles, ball and bored housewives who’ll love anyone who bumps on their doors, Jaye constantly thought there was one better life out there. She dreamt of fulfillment, and not only religious, but true feelings fulfilling her sweet vagina. Jaye is living this dream these times. Whether she’s fucking Black brothers with blue anacondas, making anonymous gonzo pornography in the seat of sleazy cars, experimenting with the latest at self-stimulation toys, Or simply easing a good set of balls into spew mode so she can make the deep facial, Jaye loves every pervy time of the activity.


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