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A Milf’s Blog is what this site is, featuring the musings of an adult content creator over the age of 25. I post content regularly, and write about my various forays into the world of adult Internet video, etc. You can also see and read about various friends of mine in the industry, here.

MILF is the acronym for Mom I’d Love to Fuck, and as its use spread in popular society so did the quality of the porn place. The MILF is typically in her thirties or early forties (but sometimes in her twenties), has a lovely body, and loves to love. Pornstars in the class almost all have large boobs, some of them fake to seem more sexy.

Determined to find the mutually strong sex scene in pornography, I uploaded  pictures to my computer. I found right out that the women in the so-called pornography did not take the stereotypical porn-star feel. They were beautiful, but not in the glammed up, triple G-cup sort of means. MILFs look to be depicted at pornography by females who don’t necessarily conform to the age and body criteria of the normal female porn performer, Thus maybe part of this appeal resides in the concept that older ladies seem more like women you might find any given time.

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