BlackLion2564 OnlyFans/Chaturbate Model Spotlight October 2020


BlackLion2564 OnlyFans/Chaturbate Model Spotlight October 2020

Hello WeCamGirls!!!!

BlackLion2564 OnlyFans/Chaturbate Model Spotlight October 2020

Luv2WatchMyCam has decided to expand its featured OnlyFans and Chaturbate models to include male and LGBTQ models, as well. With this in mind, we are proud to feature our first male featured model: BlackLion2564!

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BlackLion2564 Dick Wagging
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BlackLion2564-OnlyFans/Chaturbate Model Spotlight October 2020
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How did you get started in nude Internet modeling (OnlyFans, etc.)?

I’ve been watching other models do adult modeling on OnlyFans, Chaturbate, and a whole bunch of other services, and figure I’d finally try it, too.

How long have you been doing it?

I’ve been recruiting models for Internet modeling for about 2 years, but only just recently started modeling, myself.

What kind of content can fans expect to see on your page?

I basically take my clothes off, and show off my goods. What I do with them depends on what the audience wants to see. The weirder or kinkier the stuff a fan wants me to do, the bigger a tip it’s gonna take to get me to do that.

Do you do any kind of fetish/kink content? If so, what kinds?

I’m a black male plus-sized model over 30, so I guess I’m considered a part of the BBC, chubby, and mature niches. I wear a lot of spandex, so there’s that, too. I’ve been getting a lot of feet requests, lately. One lady paid me $30.00 in tokens just to clip my toenails on cam. I’m also dabbling with BDSM. Personality-wise, I’m a dom. I don’t like being bossed or ordered around, so fans need to know to always ask nicely for stuff, because I won’t hesitate to block them.

What are some things you enjoy about it most?

Getting paid. Not gonna lie. I’d never do something like this for free.

What are some of the hardest things about Internet modeling?

The hardest thing for me is building an audience. Male models have it a lot tougher than female models in that there isn’t quite as much demand for males in this field, so I have to work harder and smarter to build a fan base.

Do you model solo, work with others, or do a little bit of both?

I’m currently looking for a female model to do adult content with, on a full-time basis.

What kind of porn do you personally enjoy, outside of work?

I love creampie porn, and especially love goth girls. They’re my weakness.

Are there any other OnlyFans/Chaturbate-type models you like, or might be friends with?

I just recently met Blackxrose19923, aka Ruby Wynter. She’s beautiful, really sweet, and a joy to chat with.

[Editor’s Note: You can visit Ruby’s page by clicking here.]

Do you have any other fan pages or sites that you’d like your fans to see?

I also have a page on Bonga Cams, and I also just opened up an OnlyFans page.

[Editor’s Note: Check out his Bonga Cams profile page here. His OnlyFans page can be found here. You can also find his Twitter page here.]

Date: October 9, 2020