Cam Girls: My Top 5 Favorites on Twitter


Sexy Cam Girls Right in Your Twitter Feed

Since I’ve started working in this biz, I’ve met some wonderful fellow cam girls from around the world. Every once in a while, I’ll scour Twitter for some new talent, and recently, I’ve found 5 sexy webcam models I think you should check out.

This list reflects my personal tastes in cam girls, and porn in general. Although I am in a relationship with a man, I also love women quite a bit.  I like it when girls can show off their natural bodies more, like the girls you would find on I prefer a model who looks like that girl next door. These girls tend to really speak to me in terms of their looks and delivery.

One of Twitter's sexy cam girls Lexi Lovegood
Sexy Cam Girl Lexi Lovegood

Lexi Lovegood

Lexi was one of my first Twitter followers, and not long after I connected with her, I decided to catch her show on Chaturbate. I was really impressed with her delivery. She’s very friendly, will talk to you about anything during the show. She also has a very beautiful, sexy body that she carries well; I really enjoyed watching her dance. I hope to do a more in depth feature about Lexi, and showcase her talents with some custom pics and videos for you soon. She will soon be developing a strong following on Twitter, and on her Chaturbate channel. Stay tuned.



Another of Twitter's sexy cam girls Little_Gamer_ch
Sexy cam girl Little_Gamer_ch



Little_Gamer_ch is also a Chaturbate model, and a cam girl I’ve been following on Twitter. She loves to get up close and personal with her fans during her chats, and she puts on quite a show. She is very beautiful, and can keep you engaged for hours. I have not had a chance to talk with her yet, but I am interested in doing a feature on her as well, later down the road.


Cam girls
Cam Girl Used to be Bisexual Bunnie

Used to be Bisexual Bunnie

Judging by the name, I guess her name used to be Bisexual Bunnie lol. I’ll have to ask her about the backstory behind that name when I get a chance. This lovely cam girl’s Chaturbate channel can be located here.


Cam girls
Lovely cam girl Lacey (18+)

Lacey (18+)

Lacey (18+) has a beautiful girl-next-door smile that melts my heart every time. She has a very burlesque quality to her shows, and you can see the pics for yourself on her Twitter page. You can find her channel on MyFreeCams.

Lacey (18+) is also known as Miss Lollipop.


Cam girl
Beautiful adult film actress Karla Lane

Karla Lane

Karla Lane actually isn’t a cam girl; she’s a fully-fledged adult film actress who’s been active in the industry for several years, but I couldn’t help but write about her because she’s one of my favorite porn actresses of all time.  I have been enamored with her body for quite some time, and she’s someone who influenced me to get into porn as a career. You can find Karla’s website here.


In Closing

We have some very beautiful women on Twitter who are all great with reaching out to their fan base, and unabashed in their sexuality, and I love them all for it.

If you are a webcam model, and you would like to be featured in my blog, please contact me at the address at the bottom of this page, and we will make it happen 😉

Date: March 23, 2018