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Sellapink Shows Her Face
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Let Me Entertain You: Adult Entertainment


I’ve Come Here To Sell You My Body

To quote the words of the beloved Freddie Mercury: “Let Me Entertain You”. Like the song says, I’ve come here to sell you my body; I can show you some good merchandise. I work in the adult entertainment industry, and I absolutely love my job! I love that I get to take off my clothes, walk around naked, have sweaty sex, and actually get paid for it! If I had known I’d have this much fun, I wouldn’t have wasted all that time in grad school like I did. That is another story for another time, however. Like Billy Joel, I am the Entertainer, and right now, my goal is to entertain every one of you out there.

I have quite a few friends that love to entertain, too. You can find all of us on our site Membership is free, so feel free to sign up, so that you can see me and all my entertainer friends.

Let Me Entertain You
Let Me Entertain You

I’m easy to find when I’m on cam. I like to wear a lot of gothic lingerie, so I shouldn’t be hard to find. My hair’s currently black, but sometimes I’ve been known to go red.

I also love musicians! If you sing or play in a band, come find me. I’d love to hear from you! You can even sing to me if you like 😉

Hey, Where’s My Backstage Pass?

You can also find me on Twitter, if you like. My handle’s @Luv2WatchMyCam. I’m very easy to find. Every once in a while, I post a video of either myself, or one of my friends. There are so many sexy ladies for you to choose from. There’s no need to be shy. Come on out to the party and have some fun 😉

We’re Only Here To Entertain You

Camgirls like me are here to please, and some of us will do whatever you ask….if you’re willing to tip. Don’t be stingy, now 😉 If you’re a lady, I definitely want to hear from you. It’s always nice to hear from another girl who likes girls  😉

If you stop by, be sure to do a keyword search Luv2WatchMyCam, and my videos will pop up.

Also, feel free to leave a comment below!



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Date: March 15, 2018

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