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My Ideal Girlfriend-Leia’s Thoughts


cosplayMy Ideal Girlfriend

I’m in the market for a new girlfriend. I love my man, but there are some things in which only a woman will do. Every woman out there needs a good girlfriend to spend time with, even if she has a man. Sometimes, having a side lady is necessary in order to maintain balance in one’s life.

Goth Girlfriend
My Ideal Girlfriend

A Best Friend

I want a girl who likes to dress in goth lingerie, and wear lots of black, with maybe a little red. I’m  needing someone I can go with to strip joints. Female strippers taking turns giving us lap dances and riding us each like a bull would be so hot. Somewhere out there lies a woman who I can tell all my deep, dark secrets to, including things I could never tell my man. Give me a partner I can  jump into a car, and go cross-country with on a whim for no reason, whatsoever. Show me that girl I can play video games with, and watch old movies and cartoons with on a rainy day.

I want a lady I can orally please the way I like to be pleased in return. Grant me a shoulder to cry on, and help me feel better whenever I need comforting. I want a friend I can dress up in cosplay with and go to comic cons with. Show me a companion I can share recipes with, and try new things to cook. It would be cool for us to try a new diet together, or break whatever diet we’re on together. My ideal girlfriend knows when we need to eat healthy, and when we just need to pig out.

My Other Lover

I want a girl I can talk about favorite penis sizes/shapes with, and whether she prefers circumcised or uncircumcised. Give me a business partner I can clown around on my parent site with, earn some extra cash, and meet some hot guys on.  I want a lover I can spend all day in bed naked with; we can cuddle up to like a couple of teddy bears. I’m wanting girl I can share a whole pizza with and not feel even the slightest bit of guilt.  My ideal girlfriend will make love to me all night, and let me serve her pancakes for breakfast the next morning. I want a girlfriend I can get mani-pedis with, then go shopping for car parts,  afterwards. Grant me a sister figure I can go clothes shopping with.

We could talk about nothing, nothing, and lots more of nothing all day. I want a mother figure who helps me feel safe in an increasingly unsafe world. Enter a sexy gal with an ample bosom I can rest my head on. But most of all, I want a female I can be with when I don’t feel like being with my man.

Did I Mention Business Partner?

I’m also looking for a girlfriend I can make lots of money with. I love being able to make money from, and I think it would be awesome if I could have a girlfriend to cam with me every now and then. If you think you’re in the market to be my new girlfriend, hit me up.

Date: March 14, 2018

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